Sincere Partnerships. Collaborative Development.

Kavana Capital is a closely held investment and advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. We make micro private equity investments in local businesses and community improvement projects, with a particular focus on residential and multi-family development projects.


We invest in trustworthy management teams with a clear vision.

We provide seed and start-up capital to entrepreneurs with new ideas, direct plans to achieve their goals, and a track record of successful execution. We make non-control, passive investments while still offering our expertise and support to help our investment partners accomplish their goals. We have a passion for helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, and a strong history of doing so.

Portrait of cheerful young manager handshake with new employee.
Europe modern complex of residential buildings. And outdoor facilities.


We develop specific real estate projects that serve their local communities.

Our real estate investment practice can support the full spectrum or project development from initial acquisition through construction and disposition. We invest solely in identified opportunities and projects with broad flexibility in our manner of investment and level of involvement. We target projects that provide a clear benefit to the communities in which they are completed and partners who are aligned with these values.


We provide candid, straightforward support to boards of directors and executive teams.

General Governance

Streamline governance and oversight procedures for boards of directors and executive leaders.

Transformational Projects

Oversight and preparation for large strategic and transformational company efforts with precise scopes.

Complex Transactions

Discreet transactional management with clear timelines for completion, including mergers or acquisitions, complex financing, and public markets transactions.

Civic and ESG Alignment

Assistance in formalizing company civic and philanthropic efforts, including adjustments to meet any Environmental, Social, or Governance (ESG) goals.